National solutions

National solutions


There is no doubt that the speed of evolution of life today has become noticeable for all of us and significant for a small big by individuals before the constructors and it extolled the many changes of the reality of life in which we live today, and still this change continuously until the progress of mankind the best of their thinking and projects, products and services, and the burden of the era of evolution to live with this environment (national solutions).


National solutions

We homogeneous vision system, are working to establish new bases in the world of light, certainly aware that the energy substrates life so Toana our efforts and we thought to keep them, commensurate with the experience of modern lighting and thought.
Saudi company specialized modern lighting for cities and facilities, Venhtm ways energy savings through lighting and provide the best quality of domestic industry.



the letter

Lighting flexibly




The concept of the previous lighting change by talking to conserve energy



Our goals

 - Changed the concept of lighting
 - Using local produce
 - Community partnership
 - Preserving the environment

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